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"The Red Flag" by Jim Connell
     sound files 

Since the unveiling of the  monument to Jim Connell  in Crossakiel Co Meath on 26 April 1998, there have been a number of new recordings of the song "The Red Flag" made at  the  School of Communications  at  Dublin City University.  Both the Tannenbaum version and The White Cockade version have since been released on the Songs of Irish Labour CD.   We recorded both versions a number of times.  We include here tracks which are not on the cd or audio cassette.

The 1st recording was made specifically for this website on 18 May 1998  by Jimmy Kelly accompanied by Michael Hand playing  flute and Mike Mullen playing guitar.  It is the Tannenbaum version.

    Click  here   to play or download.  It is an mp2 file, 3.45 minutes, 3.1 megabytes

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Another recording of the Tannenbaum version was made on 18 October 1998.  The verses are sung in succession by Jimmy Kelly, Johnny Flood and Martin Whelan.  They are accompanied by Michael Hand and Mick Lacey on flute and banjo.

    Click  here  to play or download.  It is an mp2 file, 3.5 minutes, 3.2 mb.

The White Cockade version was also recorded on 18 October 1998 sung by Des Geraghty with Martin Whelan, Jimmy Kelly, Johnny Flood and Fergus Whelan on the chorus.  Music by Noel Pocock on pipes, Michael Hand on flute and Mick Lacey on banjo.

  Click here to play or download.  It is an mp2 file, 3 minutes and 2.5 mb.

For the sound of it being sung by Jimmy Kelly accompanied by the SIPTU band and the 1000 people in Crossakiel on 26 April 1998, click  here. It is an mp2 file, 24 seconds, 344k.

Peadar Kearney wrote Labour's Call in 1918 and it has often been sung as additional verses to The Red Flag.  Click  here  for it as sung by Martin Whelan accompanied by Mick Lacey recorded on 11 July 1998.  It is an mp2 file, 2.21 minutes, 1.9 mb.

Martin Whelan also recorded the Tannebaum version of The Red Flag on 11 July 1998.  Click here to play or download it.  It is an mp2 file, 3.5 minutes, 3.2 mb.

For all recordings: sound engineering by Eoin Sweeney and Colin Patterson
                                produced by Helena Sheehan

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