Arbour Hill, May 1998


Fergus Whelan, Helena Sheehan, Colin Patterson, Eoin Sweeney

Mick Lacey, Martin Whelan, Des Geraghty, Noel Pocock

Jimmy Kelly, Martin Whelan, Johnny Flood

Johnny Flood, Mick Lacey, Mick Hand

Johnny Flood, Joe Deasy, Mick Lacey and Martin Whelan

Martin Whelan, Mick Lacey, Helena Sheehan

Cliodna Murphy, Johnny Flood, Colin Patterson

Cliodna Murphy and Johnny Flood

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The CD was released on 1 December 1998.

The songs, recorded in Dublin City University  School of Communications, are sung and accompanied by activists in the trade union movement. 

Tracks  on the CD and audio cassette are:

THE RED FLAG: written by Jim Connell in 1889 and for decades an anthem of the international labour movement.   We have made a number of recordings of both the Tannebaum and White Cockade versions of the song.  The first recordings we made  are on the website as sound files.   The final recordings of both versions are on the CD.  The Tannenbaum version is sung by Jimmy Kelly.  Musical accompaniment is by Mick Lacey on banjo, Mick Hand on flute.  The White Cockade version is sung by Des Geraghty with Martin Whelan.  Musical accompaniment is by Noel Pocock on pipes, Mick Lacey on banjo and Nora Geraghty on guitar.

The Red Flag
the song  the man  the monument

We have also included the final chorus sung by the crowd in Crossakiel Co. Meath on 26 April 1998 on the occasion of the unveiling of the monument to Jim Connell as a track on the CD.

LABOUR'S CALL: written by Peadar Kearney in 1918 and  also sung to the air of Tannebaum.  It has sometimes been sung as additional verses to The Red Flag.  It is sung here by Martin Whelan accompanied by Mick Lacey on the banjo.

A REBEL SONG: written by James Connolly and sung by Jimmy Kelly with Johnny Flood and Martin Whelan in the chorus and Mick Lacey on banjo.

THE WATCHWORD OF LABOUR: written by James Connolly and sung by Joe Deasy.   Music by Colin Patterson.  It has long been an anthem of the Labour Party as well as of the ITGWU, now SIPTU.

DUBLIN CITY 1913: written by Donagh MacDonagh and sung by Jimmy Kelly.  It recalls the lockout of 1913 and rising of 1916.  It celebrates the role of Larkin and then of Connolly in the life of the Dublin working class. 

BREAD AND ROSES:  written and sung by Martin Whelan is a song inspired by Sean O'Casey's characterisation of James Larkin as "a man who would put a flower in a vase on a table as well as a loaf on the plate".  Music: Martin Whelan on guitar and Mick Lacey on banjo.

TALK TO ME OF FREEDOM: another original song of Martin Whelan, expressing the dismal reality of  unemployment, which he wrote when he was unemployed.

Bread & Roses  and  Talk to me of freedom  written and sung by Martin Whelan   text / photos / lyrics /  sound files .

DAUGHTERS AND SONS: written by Tommy Sands  and sung by Johnny Flood.  The chorus is sung by Colin Patterson and Cliodna ni Mhurchu.  Music:  Colin Patterson on guitar and keyboard.

TEN YOUNG WOMEN AND ONE YOUNG MAN: written by  Ewan MacColl  and sung by Cliodhna ni Mhurchu.  It recalls the Dunnes Store strike in Dublin when young workers put their jobs on the line in support of the union anti-apartheid ban on South African merchardise.

TRIBUTE TO ROBERT TRESSELL: written by Martin Whelan and sung by Fergus Whelan.  It celebrates the life of Robert Noonan, author of the book "The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists".
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Producer: Dr. Helena Sheehan
Sound engineering: Colin Patterson, Eoin Sweeney

To hear the Morning Ireland report by RTE journalist Ray Colgan on the launch of the CD, click on 
 RTÉ: News: Morning Ireland: 02 December 1998

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