Occupy University at Occupy Dame Street

Autumn 2011

Occupy University


Tues 11 Oct James Redmond on rebellious media
Tues  11 Oct Harry Browne on the Shannon peace camp
Tues  11 Oct Conor McCabe on the history of IFSC as tax haven
Tues 11  Oct Michael Albert on the US occupy movements
Wed  12 Oct Mick O'Reilly on progressive solutions to the crisis
Wed 12 Oct Gavan Titley on racism, neoliberalism & EU financial crisis
Thurs 13 Oct Helena Sheehan on the new left: remembering & reflecting
Fri 14 Oct Richard McAleavey on a brief history of the 15-M movement

Fri 14 Oct Dave Lordan et al poetry anti-slam

Sat 15 Oct Paul Murphy on the EU & alternatives


Mon 17 Oct Andy Storey on the IMF globally & locally

Mon 17 Oct Michael Taft on a short history of Irish banking

Tues 18 Oct Anthony Coughlan on solutions to the euro

Wed 19 Oct Tom Stokes on media & propaganda v democracy

Wed 19 Oct Eamonn Crudden on a brief history of Indymedia

Thurs 20 Oct Miles Link on television & the culture industry

Thurs 20 Oct Mick O Broin on the crisis of the university

Thurs 20 Oct Andrew Flood on activist journalism

Fri 21 Oct Joan Murphy on energy & natural resources

Fri 21 Oct Michael Cronin on the politics of fear


Sun 23 Oct David Malone on debt or democracy

Mon 24 Oct Eugene McCartan on who owns the debt

Mon 24 Oct Mark O’Brien on subcultures & supercultures

Tues 25 Oct Andy Storey on the euro crisis

Tues 25 Oct Laurence Davis on what does real democracy mean

Wed 26 Oct Patrick Bond on the IMF, Africa & Ireland: 3 decades of struggle

Thurs 27 Oct Aibhe Smyth on women, feminism & recession

Thurs 27 Oct Sinead Kennedy on capitalism, crisis & the new sexism

Fri 28 Oct Paula Geraghty & Eileen Leahy on community filmmaking

Fri 28 Oct Donagh Brennan on how important is 12.5% corporation tax to Irish economy

Occupy University


Sun 30 Oct Mike Morris on an architect's perspective on the bust

Tues 1 Nov Sheamus Sweeney on The Wire: class, power, money, politics

Wed 2 Nov Roddy McDevitt on transmuting reality with theatre & stagecraft

Thurs 3 Nov Franc Myles on Dame Street & Dublin: an archeological perspective

Thurs 3 Nov Farah Azadi on women as leaders in leaderless movements: the Arab-American-Iranian spring

Fri 4th Nov Mick O’Broin on NAMA

Fri 4th Nov Paul Bowman on what is money? what is debt?

Fri 4th Nov Dave Lordan on the burning word:  a workshop on poetry and performance


Sun 6 Nov Micheal O’Hurley-Pitts on mediation with external organisations

Mon 7 Nov Eugene McCartan on 90 years of the Communist Party of Ireland

Mon 7 Nov Denis Parfenov on active citizenship

Tues 8 Nov Eoin O Broin on eurozone crisis

Tues 8 Nov Eamon Ryan on Ireland’s energy future

Wed 9 Nov Patricia Wood on ciitizenship

Wed 9 Nov Laurence Cox on global movements and social change

Wed 9 Nov Marnie Holborow on ideology, recession & resistance

Thurs 9 Nov Mark Malone on Rossport: dealing with messiness

Thurs 10 Nov Sam Nolan on Dublin Council of Trade Unions: past & present

Thurs 10 Nov Ciaran Moore on Dublin Community TV: guide to operating tv studio


Mon 14 Nov Brian Rooney on fracking

Mon 14 Nov Siobhan O’Donoghue on taxing wealth: why the wealthy can afford to give more

Mon 14 Nov Cathleen O'Neill on community activism, process & the spectacle of defiance

Tues 15 Nov Eyal Clyne on Israeli camp movement

Tues 15 Nov Tom Boland on why don’t Irish people protest: overcoming indifference

Wed 16 Nov Cieran Perry on community activism & pushers-out campaign

Thurs 17 Nov Terrence McDonough on the Irish depression & a big bang policy response

Thurs 17 Nov Deborah Frieze on movements of resistance & necessary in-between space before new creativity

Fri 18 Nov intan O’Toole on democratic reform


Mon 21 Nov Cathleen O'Neill on direct action ideas

Mon 21 Nov Jack Byrne on occupying the electronic commons & noosphere

Tue 22 Nov Fintan Lane on flotillas as an example of grassroots resistance & international solidarity

Tues 22 Nov Joe Mooney on East Wall residents and Spenser Dock development

Wed 23 Nov Richard McAleavey on writing in the age of networked occupation

Wed 23 Nov Terry McDermot on fracking

Thurs 24 Nov Ruaidhri of UISCE on drug users & human rights

Thurs 24 Nov Conor McGarrigle on crowsourcing NAMA locations for a NAMAland database

Thurs 24 Nov Leslie of LGBT Noise on power & privilege in the context of LGBT rights

Fri 25 Nov Eoghan O’Shea on (re)constructing a socially equitable built environment

Fri 25 Nov Vanessa Andreotti on occupying our global imagination: ethical relationships with the other


Wed 30 Nov Harry Browne on crisisjam & the real state of the nation

Wed 30 Nov Abie Philbin Bowman on how many comedians does it take to change a government?

Thurs 1 Dec  Andy Storey on accumulation & dispossession at Corrib

Thurs 1 Dec William Hederman on the oil & gas giveaway


Mon 5 Dec Barbara O’Shea on peace journalism & its relevance for the occupy movement

Tues 6 Dec Luke Bukha & Joe Moore on the asylum system & institutional racism

Wed 7 Dec Nico Brown music workshop with bamboo tuned rattles from Java called angklung

Thurs 8 Dec Roger Cole on war, Ireland & the EU/US/NATO axis

Fri 9 Dec OU working group evaluation & planning



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