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EDU SUMM IT 2017. International Summit on ICT in Education

EDU SUMM IT 2017. International Summit on ICT in Education


18-20 September 2017, Bulgaria

The Fifth International Summit on Information Technology (IT) in Education (EDUsummIT 2017) “Rethinking Learning in the Digital Age”), was held in Borovets, Bulgaria, recently. EDUsummIT is a global knowledge creating community of researchers, policy-makers and educators committed to supporting the effective integration of Information Technology (IT) in education by promoting active dissemination and use of research. This year’s theme “Rethinking learning in a digital age”, EDUsummIT 2017 brought together around 100 distinguished policy-makers, educators, researchers and representatives of the corporate sector from across the world to discuss key emerging issues concerning the use of IT in education. The Summit examines various initiatives at regional, national, and international levels to address successfully the challenges educational systems face in the digital age. The outcomes of the EDUsummIT’17 are published as policy briefs and scholarly articles. The research process of EDUsummIT began online in March and continued in the face-to-face meetings in Borovets, Bulgaria. Attendees actively contribute to one of the nine Thematic Working Groups before, during and after the EDUsummIT.

Margaret Leahy and Deirdre Butler together with Peter Twinning from the Open University in the UK are leading the work of TWG1.

Thematic Working Groups

  • TWG1: Education systems in the digital age: The need for alignment
  • TWG2: Informal learning with technology
  • TWG3: Professional development for technology-enhanced Learning leaders
  • TWG4: Digital agency to empower equity in the education
  • TWG5: Formative assessment supported by technology
  • TWG6: Developing creativity in teachers and learners
  • TWG7: Learning from national policy experiences
  • TWG8: Upbringing in a digital world: Opportunities and Possibilities of schooling
  • TWG9: Sustainability and scalability in research approaches

27th October, 2017