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School of STEM Education, Innovation & Global Studies


Strengthening the Practice of Intercultural Education in Primary Schools

The Centre for Human Rights and Citizenship Education, DCU Institute of Education, including staff also from the School of STEM Education, Innovation & Global Studies has been awarded €130,000 by the Office for the Promotion of Migrant Integration for the project “Strengthening the practice of intercultural education in primary schools”. Commencing in Autumn 2017, this project will promote and support the positive integration of migrants within Irish primary schools, through effective intercultural education for all children, which engages the wider school community, contributes to an alternative narrative on migration and fosters global citizenship. The project will build on the Centre’s extensive experience of managing and delivering intercultural education, human rights and global citizenship education programmes for teachers and will specifically work to strengthen the competence and confidence of 150 teachers at primary level in Ireland to integrate intercultural education in their teaching practice and wider school environments. 

19th June, 2017