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Confirmation of Attendance
Guest Tickets
Hire of Academic Dress (Robing)
Fees and Library books
Timetable and Location
Membership of Alumni Association
Campus Map
Car Parking
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Confirmation of Attendance

Graduands will receive an email invitation to their conferring ceremony from our online ticketing system, Eventbrite. It is vital that graduands confirm their attendance through this system by Monday 20th March 2017.

If you do not attend the ceremony, your award will be conferred in absentia, and your parchment will be sent to you by registered post in April 2017.  Please ensure that your address is kept up to date as your parchment will be sent via registered post to the postal address.  You can log in and check these details via the ‘My Details (i-enabler log in)’ link on the Student Apps webpage.  Your address can be found under the ‘Biographical Details’ link.

Please note that the name that will appear on your parchment is the name that was recorded on your most recent statement of examination results.

Guest Tickets

Each graduand is permitted to bring up to two guests to the ceremony. Guests and graduands will be seated separately and graduands do not require a ticket. Guest tickets are available to graduands to print directly from our ticketing system, Eventbrite. Graduands will be emailed details to their DCU email account whereby a link will be provided which will enable you to register for and receive their tickets. Please note you must have indicated that you are attending before your guest tickets can be printed.  We strongly recommend that all guest tickets are printed to facilitate the smoothest possible access to guest seats. There is an option to use mobile tickets for this event but you must ensure that your guests have mobile access to these tickets on the day, as failure to produce tickets may result in access to the ceremony being denied.

Please note that we are unable to accommodate children under five.  You are very welcome to bring children under five onto the campus but you should note that the Helix is not a suitable venue for them and their carers should therefore be requested not to bring them into the Helix building but rather to avail of the other services on campus.

Hire of academic dress

Correct academic dress must be worn at graduation.  It should be hired from Phelan Conan Ltd.  Please use the pre-booking facility at www.phelanconan.com  

Please Note: Due to the implementation of a personal 3D Secure password during the credit card payment process on www.phelanconan.com, Phelan Conan Ltd staff are no longer able to take bookings over the phone. This has been created to protect your online payments and if you don’t already have a 3D secure password you can activate it by following the simple instructions during the booking process. If you have any problems setting up your password, please contact your bank.

Pre-booking of robes will possible up to and including Wednesday 22nd March 2017.  The cost of hiring a set of robes is €42.  If you do not pre-book and pay on the day, the hire fee is €45.

All students must pre-book and arrange payment for their robes with official robemakers Phelan Conan Ltd before the deadline of Wednesday 22nd March 2017.

Methods of Pre-Booking

1) Online – www.phelanconan.com

Log on and select ‘Student Hire’, select ‘DCU’ and follow the instructions until you receive a reference number

2) Post – Forward a bank draft or postal order made out to Phelan Conan Ltd. to the above address for the cost of hire (€42.00) with a completed Pre-Booking Form.  When the payment is received you will receive a reference number by text message and email when the order is processed.


Contact details for Phelan Conan Ltd. can be found at https://www.phelanconan.com/contact-us/

Please note that the wearing of mortar boards is optional for male and female graduands.

The robes you hire may be collected on arrival at the University from the robing room, which is in the Minor Hall in the Sports Complex.  Robes may be collected at the following times:

Friday: 4.30pm to 7.00pm

Saturday: Students graduating at 10.15am can collect their gowns between 8.30-9.45am; students graduating at 1.15pm can collect their gowns between 11-12.45pm

The robing room will be open until 4.30pm for the return of robes.

We strongly encourage you to collect your robes on the day before your ceremony if possible. This will avoid excessive queues on graduation day.  If you are collecting your robes on the day of conferring then please allow adequate time for collection well in advance of the ceremony.  If you are not robed and seated at least 20 minutes before the ceremony begins, unfortunately it will not be possible to allow you to graduate in person.  You should, in addition, ensure that you are attired in a neat and presentable way.  It is strongly recommended that you bring safety pins and hair clips with you to secure your cap and hood.

Before you go to the Phelan Conan website, you may find it useful to refer to the information on academic dress and to look at photographs of different kinds of academic dress.
Before leaving the University after the ceremony, please return your robes to the robing room. 

Fees and Library books
You must have paid all fees and cleared all debts to the University (including outstanding Library fines) by the morning of your graduation day.  You must also have returned all books to the Library otherwise you will not be allowed to graduate. 

Timetable and Location
The timetable for the ceremonies are available below under 'Graduation Schedule'. The ceremony is expected to last approximately one hour and a half. 

The location is The Helix, on DCU's Glasnevin campus.

Doors will open one hour before the beginning of the ceremony. For your own comfort and that of your guests, we ask you not to arrive at The Helix more than an hour early. If you have time to spare, you are welcome to avail of the Restaurant on campus. You and your guests are, however, requested to be seated twenty minutes before the start of the ceremony.

Graduation Schedule

 Saturday 25th March 2017




Faculty of Engineering & Computing

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences




Dublin City University Business School

Dublin City University Institute of Education

Faculty of Science and Health

Open Education

Church of Ireland College of Education


The venue for the ceremony, the Helix, is wheelchair accessible.  However, if you or your guests require assistance to access the venue or other parts of the campus, it is essential that you contact us in advance (see Contact Details below) so that we can provide the service you need.  It is particularly important that you let us know if you would have any difficulty in accessing the stage to receive your parchment.  It is accessed by a short flight of steps (backstage ramp access is available).

When you arrive at The Helix, you will be directed to the first floor to register that you are going to graduate in person. You will then be directed to your seat.  All graduands must be robed and seated not less than twenty minutes before the ceremony begins.  The final roll-call will then be taken.  Anyone who has not signed in by this time will be deemed to be absent and will have their award conferred in absentia.

Following the academic procession and introductions, graduands’ names will be called out in alphabetical order by degree/diploma programme, and all graduands will go up to the stage in turn.  You will be directed by the Master of Ceremonies when to approach the stage.  When your name is called, you should proceed onto the stage to receive your parchment.  It will be presented to you by the President of the University, Professor Brian MacCraith.  After you have accepted your parchment and shaken hands with the President, you should descend and return to your seat.

Please note that the name that will appear on your parchment is the name that was recorded on your most recent statement of examination results.

Refreshments will be served in the Helix on the three floors immediately following the graduation ceremony. 

Graduates and guests should make their way to the following areas on the following dates/times:

Saturday, 25th March: 10:15am

Ground Floor

Guests of all programmes of the Faculty of Engineering & Computing

First Floor

Guests of programmes of the School of Communications (Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences):

  • M.A. in Film & Television Studies
  • M.A. in Journalism
  • M.A. in Political Communication
  • M.A. in Social Media Communications
  • M.A. in Social Media Studies
  • M.Sc. in Multimedia
  • M.Sc. in Science Communication

Second Floor

Guests of all other programmes of the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

Saturday, 25th March: 13:15pm

Ground Floor

Guests of:

  • Church of Ireland College of Education - M.Ed. in Special Educational Needs
  • All programmes of the DCU Business School
  • All programmes of the DCU Institute of Education
  • Higher Diploma in Children's Nursing
  • All postgraduate programmes of the Faculty of Science & Health
  • Open Education - M.Sc. in Management of Operations

First Floor

 Guests of:

  • B.Sc. in Children’s & General Nursing
  • B.Sc. in Nursing (Intellectual Disability)
  • B.Sc. in Nursing (Psychiatric)

Second Floor

Guests of:

  • Certificate in Homeless Prevention/Intervention
  • Diploma in Health Studies 
  • B.Sc. in Nursing (General)


The official commercial photographers/framers for the day, Lafayette Photography Ltd. will be located in the Henry Grattan building rooms CG01 to CG06.  Lafayette Photography Ltd. are located at Unit 44 Fashion City, Ballymount, Dublin, 24, Tel: 01 4295740.

It is strongly advised that photograpy and frames should be booked in advance.  Online bookings can be done on www.lafayette.ie or on the day.  All correspondence about photographs and frames should be conducted with Lafayette Photography Ltd., not with the University.   If you wish to buy a frame elsewhere rather than availing of the frames available from Lafayettes, you should note that each parchment measures 10” (25cm.) in width by 14” (35cm.) in length.
Do not use any unofficial photographers who may be on campus, as some graduates have complained of non-delivery of photographs or poor-quality work by these photographers.

Membership of Alumni Association

Link to Alumni Association Pages http://www.dcu.ie/alumni/index.shtml

You may wish to note that your DCU e-mail address does not expire after you have left the University.  It is a lifelong address.

Glasnevin Campus Map
Information on getting to DCU Glasnevin campus is available here and a map of the Glasnevin campus is available here.

Car Parking

All those arriving by car should come into the Glasnevin campus by the Collins Avenue entrance, and will be directed from there.  Most visitors will be directed to use the multi-storey car-park fronting Collins Avenue.  A charge payable on exit, will apply.  You may wish to note, however, that car-parking spaces are limited, and to consider the possibility of using an alternative form of transport.  Details about bus services are available at: http://www.dcu.ie/info/get_to.shtml

Contact Details

Queries relating to graduation may be directed to:

Bernadette Casserly  Tel: 01 – 700 8255

Orna Heuston Tel: 01 – 700 5339

Janetta Meszarosova  Tel: 01 – 700 5391 

Marion Tucker  Tel: 01 – 700 5398

Anne Daly Tel: 01 – 700 8564

Geraldine Leavy Tel: 01 – 700 5905

Jennifer McShane Tel: 01 – 700 5565

Roisín Morris-Drennan Tel: 01 – 700 6275

Paul Moore Tel: 01 – 700 5465

Registry, Glasnevin Campus, Dublin City University, Dublin 9.

Graduation Query Form: https://www.dcu.ie/registry/graduationqueries.shtml

The following queries should not be directed above:


Please ensure that you have confirmed your attendance/non-attendance for the ceremony.

  • Ensure that you have printed off the tickets for your guests to present at the ceremony.
  • Refer to the Information on academic dress so that you know which type of robes you will need to hire.  Book your robes online (go to www.phelanconan.com).
  • Ensure that you are in good financial standing with the University having paid all fees and cleared all other debts (including outstanding Library fines) and having returned all Library books.
  • If you wish to book your graduation photograph and/or parchment frame in advance, go to www.lafayette.ie
  • Ensure that you have referred to the Glasnevin campus map.