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Open Access


What is Open Access?

Open Access is about providing free unrestricted Internet access to scholarly literature. It is not self-publishing and it does not affect the normal peer-review process for journal articles. 

How is Open Access provided?

There are a number of ways to make your work Open Access, including:


DORAS and Institutional Repositories

DORAS is a web-based institutional repository developed by the Library to host published full-text material by DCU staff and research students. DORAS is part of a growing community of similar repositories being developed by institutions worldwide. DORAS is not a publishing mechanism or a replacement for the traditional peer-review process. It simply allows DCU to make its scholarly research output freely available in the sprit of Open Access. By placing your work in DORAS, you can make your work visible to a wider audience, enhance your research impact and promote your school or centre’s research profile.

Open Access Journals

The number of Open Access journals is growing rapidly - the Directory of Open Access Journals lists over 3,000 titles. Open Access content in journals is managed under a variety of business models:

  • Some charge the author or funding agency to cover the cost of peer-review and publication (BioMed Central or the Public Library of Science, for example). The fee for DCU researchers submitting to BioMed Central is automatically paid by IReL.
  • Hybrid Open Access: some commercial publishers now offer authors the option of making their papers Open Access in journals that otherwise charge access subscriptions (Springer Open Choice, for example).


Funding Agencies’ Open Access policies

For a more comprehensive list of international funding agencies' OA policies, go to Sherpa-Juliet

Health Research Board (Ireland)
European Research Council