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Haddington Road Agreement (Landsdown Road Agreement, May 2015)

Announcement to DCU staff on the Haddington Road Agreement 

Frequently Asked Questions on the Haddington Road Agreement


Sick Leave


1. After how many days absence from work is a medical cert required?



Staff need a certificate for absences in excess of two days - i.e. on the third day of continuous absence a medical certificate is required.



2. How many days uncertified sick leave can be taken in a year?


  • From the 1st November 2012, a maximum of 7 days uncertified sick leave days is permitted in the period 1st January 2012 to 31st December 2013.
  • From the 1st January 2014 onwards, a maximum of 7 days uncertified sick leave is permitted over a 24-month period counting backwards from the latest absence.



3. When I am on sick leave in excess of 3 days what do I need to do to ensure I receive the correct sick pay from the university?



If you are on an A1 PRSI rate and on sick leave in excess of 3 days, you must submit a copy of "Disability Benefit - Your weekly rate - IB8 Form" to the Payroll Office, DCU. The IB8 Form is given to you by the Department of Social Protection when your disability/illness claim has been sanctioned. Without the IP8 form, sick pay from the University may be delayed.