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Human Resources

HR Excellence in Research

DCU Research Career Framework

Roles and Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the Dean of the Faculty to:
ensure that the Framework is implemented consistently across the faculty's, schools and
  and research centres.

It is the responsibility of the Head of School to:
• allocate teaching duties to researchers in consultation with the Dean and PI's
• discuss and resolve any issues with PI's arising from the framework
• monitor, assess and review the implementation of the framework on consultation with HR
• provide feedback to Human Resources related to initiative

It is the responsibility of the PI/Centre Director to:
• in consultation with HR, map Postdoctoral Researchers staff to the appropriate framework level
• brief incoming staff about the framework
• conduct the probation process in line with Framework procedures
• conduct the PMDS in line with Framework procedures
• discuss and resolve issues and queries raised by researchers regarding the Framework
• facilitate researchers undertaking teaching duties and training opportunities
• liaise with Human Resource Officers for advice and support

It is the responsibility of the Researcher to:
• familiarise yourself with the Framework and the requirements associated with each level
• take responsibility to consult with your PI to ensure that the required tasks, teaching duties
  and training days are undertaken by you per annum
• manage you r time so that you can accomplish the requirements of each level within the specified
  time period
• fully engage in the probation process
• fully engage in the Framework PMDS process
• adhere to recruitment guidelines when filling research posts

It is the responsibility of HR and T&D to:
• offer support and guidance to management and researchers
• ensure all relevant researchers are placed on the appropriate level 
• develop, implement and maintain all processes associated with the framework
• ensure the required Framework processes are undertaken and recorded
• provide appropriate training programmes for researchers
• ensure the Framework is applied consistently to all relevant research staff
• monitor, review and update the Framework in line with feedback