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Human Resources

DCU Research Career Framework

Performance Management and Development Scheme (PMDS)

Head of School / Research Centre
Roles and responsibilities

The Head of School / Research Centre retains full responsibility for PMDS in their own area. Where they have not conducted the review they still must sign off on the completed review for each employee in their own area.

All Heads of School / Research Centres will be fully trained in PMDS to ensure that they get the maximum benefit from the process.

The key responsibilities of the Head of School / Research Centre will be to:

  • Ensure objectives established by the reviewee and reviewer are in line with the goals and strategies of the School / Research Centre and the University.
  • Oversee the reviewers role in relation to the scheme and ensure the nominated reviewers in their area are fully briefed about the priorities for the School / Research Centre in terms of setting up and agreeing individual objectives.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the scheme in their area.
  • Compile the annual training and development plan / summary for the School / Research Centre for the Training and Development Department.
  • Ensure PMDS in their School / Research Centre is conducted fairly and equitably.
  • Ensure PMDS is conducted in accordance with, and is informed by, the stated key values of the University.
For further information please contact training.development@dcu.ie