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DCU Research Career Framework

Eligibility / Entry onto the Framework

The Research Career Framework officially commenced in DCU (within the Faculty of Engineering & Computing in the first instance) with effect from 1st October 2011.

In general, new research staff will go on the Framework following an open and public competition for a contract of one year or more in duration or there is the likelihood that there will be an accumulation of service of one year or more.

Existing research staff must hold a contract of more than one year in duration or have accumulated service of one year of more.

Entry onto the Framework - Existing Staff

Mapping Criteria and guidelines have been developed to assist Principal Investigators and the Executive Dean to assess where existing research staff should be appropriately placed on the DCU Research Career Framework (funding permitting). The aim is to ensure that existing researchers are correctly mapped onto the Framework so that they can develop the necessary skills and plan and develop their careers. Full details can be viewed at Mapping Guidelines and Mapping Criteria.

Entry onto the Framework - New Entrants / New Appointees

The advertisement and job description for all new research positions will clearly reflect the level of the role in line with the DCU Research Career Framework i.e. Postdoctoral Researcher, Research Fellow or Senior Research Fellow. There will be no requirement to map new entrants / appointees onto the Framework as the level will be clearly identified from the outset at the advertisement stage.