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DCU Research Career Framework

The Levels

The DCU Research Career Framework provides for three levels, namely, Postdoctoral Researcher, Research Fellow and Senior Research Fellow. Research staff can spend a maximum of 4 years at each of the 3 levels subject to an overall maximum of 8 years on the Framework.

For existing research staff, periods of employment as a Researcher in DCU prior to 1st October 2011 will be discounted for calculating the maximum period of 4 years permitted on each of the 3 levels and for calculating the maximum 8 years permitted on the Framework.

In exceptional situations, the 4 year maximum at each level may be exceeded but only with the approval of the Dean, the PI and HR eg to specifically to finish a body of work for a particular project.

A summary of each level together with details concerning eligibility and a relevant job description can be viewed below.

Level 1 Postdoctoral Researcher

Level 2 Research Fellow

Level 3 Senior Research Fellow