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Dr Susan Hegarty

History & Geography

Name: Dr Susan Hegarty
Department: History & Geography
Work Area: History & Geography
Role: Lecturer
Phone Number: 01 884 2123
Email Address: Susan.Hegarty@dcu.ie
Room: SPD D306
Campus: DCU St Patricks Campus

Biographical Details

Susan Hegarty joined the Geography Department in St Patrick's College in the mid-2000s, and became part of DCU at Incorporation in 2016. She is particularly interested in the evolution of the Irish landscape, and her research has focused on the role of the Quaternary ice-sheets on this landscape. She is also interested in our use of the natural landscape over time, particularly the exploitation of Irish mineral resources in the nineteenth century, and in water resources (in particular on the role Quaternary sediments play in the vulnerability of water sources to pollutants).
She is enthusiastic about transmitting the importance of Geography to the wider public, and to this end has taken part in a number of documentary series on both Irish and British television channels. She also sees fieldwork as an integral part of the training of geography students, and tries to promote field studies within undergraduate geography.

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