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Counselling & Personal Development Service


A Student Empowerment and Life Skills Programme


Helena Ahern

Head of the DCU Counselling & Personal Development Service




Week 1           Identifying and working with Unhelpful Thinking Patterns.                                    Wednes. 22nd March '17

Week 2           Understanding and Managing your Personal Response to  Anxiety                      Wednes. 29th March '17

Week 3           Effective Ways of Working with Challenging Emotions                                           Wednes. 5th April '17

Week 4           How to Constructively Address the Unhelpful Critic and Reclaim your Power       Wednes. 12th April '17


Time:               Wednesday (4.00pm- 5.00pm)   

Location:         AGOO in the Albert College Ground Floor (back of the main campus restaurant /to the left of the 1838 entrance)

Open To:         Students who have registered with the Counselling & Personal Development Service

Admission:       Free.

We advice where possible to attend all 4 sessions as each session builds on the previous one.

A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to those who attend all four workshops.


Please click here for student feedback on the impact on them having undertaken this programme.