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School of Communications

Research in the School of Communications

Staff at the School of Communications are engaged in a broad range of research areas, including contemporary journalism practice, media history, political communication, cultural studies, art and multimedia practice, film and television analysis, gender and sexuality studies, political economy of the media, social media studies, ICTs in education, games studies and audience research. For more information on our research groups and staff expertise and interests, please click on Research Areas and Interests below.

The School of Communications offers two routes for those interested in pursuing postgraduate research, both at MPhil and PhD level. All graduate research applications are processed online through the Postgraduate Applications Centre (PAC) at the following web site www.pac.ie/dcu. Before applying, we recommend that you read all of the information on the Postgraduate Research page

Research Convenor

Dr. Jim Rogers, School of Communications Research Support Coordinator.

Tel: +353-1-7005672
e-mail: jim.rogers@dcu.ie