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Age Friendly University

Age Friendly Opportunities at DCU

DCU is committed to widening access to higher education, this includes enhancing the lives of older members of the community through innovative educational,  health and wellness programmes, arts and cultural activities.

Despite being a  “young” university, it is not unusual to see older people on campus in DCU. Public lectures and events are held on an ongoing basis whilst credit bearing modules provide a flexible learning option to encourage mature learners to consider a university course to retrain or upskill at a flexible pace. The increased demand for the medical exercise and fitness programme MedEx and Active for Life programme aimed at older people demonstrates DCU’s commitment to support active and healthy ageing.

The Age Friendly University Initiative is developing and expanding, below are examples of opportunities and activities open to older adults at DCU

Opportunities 2017/2018

For those considering a course of study to experience university without committing to a four-year programme it is possible to undertake a single credit bearing module from a selection of the programmes we have on offer

These modules are from the undergraduate programmes and there are no entry requirements for mature applicants. Each module is worth 5 credits and can be completed in a single semester.  Modules can be undertaken in two ways: on a credit-bearing basis which requires participants to undertake assignments and exams.  This option is €500 and includes access to DCU support services (other than medical) and facilities.  Credits earned can contribute to an undergraduate award.

The second option costs €100, there is no requirement to undertake assignments and you will sit in with the class and take part in class dicussion and the lecture without the need to undergo tests or assignments..

The upcoming semester (Semester 1) runs from September to December 2017 and modules will take place on our DCU glasneving, All Hallow and St. Patrick's campus during the day.

A selection of modules on offer this semester (subject to capacity and space), can be viewed now.


Love of Life Long Learning (LoLLL)

We will be offering a range of customised modules under our Love of Life Long Learning Programme.  These modules will commence in mid-October and will include our popular Geneaology, Pshychology and lLife Writing modules.  New modules are currenlty being added to this prgramme and will be finalised by the end of September and luanched at our Taste of DCU on September 29th.

Our free computer classes offered in partnership with Third Age Ireland will commence in late September.  For more information on this programme please contact Third Age Ireland at 046-9557766. 

DCU in the Community

Based in Ballymun, DCU in the Community is an outreach centre which acts as a bridge between the university and its local community. Its mission is to provide educational opportunities to people, including older adults, in North Dublin in order to widen access to those who have not previously had the opportunity to attend university and to promote equality in third level education. Since 2011,  DCU in the Community has hosted a Summer School providing a wide variety of workshops and courses to the community. In addition to courses in Psychology and Digital Media  DCU in the Community offer the  "Bridge to Education"   course aimed at mature students who wish to prepare to return to further education.

For more information please visit the DCU in the Community Web site or call 01 700 8800.

Health and Wellness Programmes

To arrange induction/appointments please contact the MedEx administrator Lorraine Corcoran Tuesday - Friday 9:30am-5pm Phone: 01 700 8467 Fax: 01 700 5784

Active for Life

Active for life is an exercise programme, run by DCU Sport, to help older adults achieve optimal health, fitness, and a quality of life. These classes are designed to help improve muscle tone, strength and flexibility in a group setting. For more information please visit the Active for Life web page.

MedEx Wellness Programmes

MedEx Wellness is a series of supervised programmes under the care of Medical Director Dr Noel McCaffrey.

These programmes include Diabetes Health Steps, a medically designed supervised exercise and lifestyle programme to assist people with diabetes to develop and maintain a lifestyle base on healthy eating and regular exercise.

MedEx also provide Move On, for breast and colo-rectal cancer survivors, HeartSmart, suitable for mot people with heart disease, which provides opportunities for participation in exercise in a safe and supportive environment, and BreatheSmart, for people with chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD) and other respiratory illnesses.

Finally, MedEx provide a programme called Smart Steps, which is a medically supervised programme for people with intermittent claudication. All programmes are based at DCU Sport. 

For information on any of the above programmes, visit the MedEx Wellness website

DCU Open Education

DCU Open Education provides adults from through out Ireland with flexible access to third level education.Thousands of students of all age ranges have graduated with Dublin City University degrees through DCU Open Education in that time. DCU Open Education's  mission is to assist our students in achieving their educational goals without the need to attend regular campus-based classes. As an Open Education student, you can study in your own time, at your own pace and whatever place is convenient to you. As DCU's Open Education courses consist of a series of individual modules, you can tailor your study workload to the time you have available and build up credits towards your degree over time. Connected undergraduate courses are open to anyone. Also, if you are over 23, you do not need a Leaving Certificate-several of our graduates have been in their 80s.

Below is a testimonial from a student who retired in 2004 following 41 years service in the public sector and who graduated in 2012.

"I have always had an interest in History so, with time and leisure at my disposal, I intended to pursue my interest. However, I knew that I would not have the discipline to read History in a meaningful way unless I followed a course which was exam based. Then I discovered Oscail*. It met all my needs. The content seemed really interesting, I could study at my own pace and most of the work could be done at home, with just five or six tutorials each year. Initially, I just intended to cover the History Modules and I had no intention of continuing for a Degree. I soon changed my mind. The enthusiasm of the tutors and the other students made me realise that getting a degree was a very achievable goal. I continued, studying History, Literature and Sociology and I feel such a sense of achievement as I prepare for my graduation in November 2012."

For more information visit the DCU Open Education Website

*DCU Open Education was formerly known as Oscail

DCU Ryan Academy ISAX Ingenuity Programme

DCU Ryan Acdemy's ISAX (Ireland Smart Ageing Exchange) is an independent network of industry academia and government agencies focused on fast-tracking the R&D and commercialisation of innovations for the global smart ageing economy.

The ISAX Ingenuity Programme for Enterepreneurs is designed for people aged over 50, with less than 5 years business experience. It is designed to specifically address the challenges facing business owners as they plan to scale up and includes workshops, bespoke mentoring and excellent networking opportunities. Final date for applications is 2nd February 2017.

For more information, visit the website or telephone 01-7006786. Email